Game Recap

2018 Playoff Rugby

By October 28, 2018 November 16th, 2018 No Comments

And then came playoffs – and along with it, a game against the first seeded team in the Midwest Green. Buffalo sat second in Midwest Gold, slated to face against the Cincinnati Kelts, the team that sent them home the year prior in the second round of playoffs. Practices were colder and started earlier, chasing the sun to lights off sides of schools to continue a few extra plays. As their reserve tightened, the date loomed closer when Buffalo would have their chance to redeem themselves against the Kelts.  

The team arrived in a cold and damp Cincinnati on October 27th. Both teams came in with fire in their hearts – no player was unaware of the stakes. Each team traded try for try ending with a score of 10-10 at halftime. Injuries plagued both sides, each making substitutes to continue play. Then, a break in play – a penalty within Cincinnati’s 22 meter line. Buffalo had a possible game deciding choice: do they kick for points for the first time in their season or run a play to go for the try? And with that, Nicole Faulise set her tee, positioned the ball, and put her team in for the win. The lead, punctuated by the incredibly hard fought last minutes by both teams; Buffalo’s goal was to keep Cincinnati out of try scoring range. BWRC had done what they come to accomplish – beat the competition.

Hann and team couldn’t have been happier. The women had banded together in a way they had dreamt of all season. Things were finally coming together as he had envisioned back in August.