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Buffalo Finishes Second in Regular Season

By October 22, 2018 September 18th, 2019 No Comments

As fall 2018 arrived, Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club approached their new season like any other. Eager new faces peppered in among veterans and returning rookies made up a team excited to finally make their claim to the national DII title.

Fall Rugby Recap

The season started with an early twist. After a win against Akron, Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club was sidelined by their bye weeks – set up consecutively. Three weeks after their first game, Buffalo Women’s was scheduled to play a new team, the Pittsburgh Forge. The Forge is a hybrid team formed from the back to back DII National Championship winning Pittsburgh Angels, and the Pittsburgh Highlanders who had in years past, moved up from DIII. BWRC had locked horns with the Angels in the past but never claimed a win from the battle. The match against Pittsburgh Forge was a tough hit to Buffalo’s side, a hard fought 39-41 loss.

Pushing past their loss, Jerry Hann, head coach of Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club, kept the team with a deep focus in mind. Help each other. Support each other. BWRC took wins from Cleveland, North Buffalo and South Buffalo all while managing to tweak their completely new game style.  

Buffalo Women’s Rugby Club finished the regular season in second place behind the Forge. They will face cross-divisional #1 Cincinnati Kelts in the first round of playoffs on October 27th, 2018.