We are so excited to announce that we are USA Rugby DII Midwest Conference Champions! We are now looking forward to the Spring season where we will continue our road to Nationals. Our fundraising efforts help offset the costs of traveling much further than we have to in our regular season, in the hopes that we will bring home a national title! We thank you for your endless support! The things we have accomplished this year wouldn’t have been possible without it!!!

Spring 2019 Raffle

We will begin selling raffle tickets on April 5th to fund our playoff travels this Spring. Please stay tuned!

Superbowl Squares

Each sheet represents a prize pool of $1200. Entry fee is $20. 1st & 3rd quarter: $150 prize each. Halftime: $300 prize. Final: $500 prize. The four squares that touch* the final score will also be paid out $25. *Please note this means squares to the top, bottom, left, and right. Not diagonal.

This fundraiser is now completed. Thank you to everyone who purchased a square from us!